‘You Are My Home’ and Only Hope

You Are My Home (2020) is a Christmas drama film that is centered around a homeless girl. The opening scene shows a young immigrant girl holding her pet dog, her best and only friend. She is seen wandering the streets day and night in cold weather. When questioned about her parents by a passerby, the narrative takes a somber turn.

The next scene transitions to a flashback featuring the immigrant girl and her birth mother, who is her sole living relative. The mother tells the young girl to run away as fast as she can. Following their separation, the daughter flees to the safest place she can find, while the mother is arrested for illegal immigration across the border.

In this specific scene, the mother’s arrest and handcuffing reflect the theme of illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States of America. The protagonist, Alex, in You Are My Home, is of Mexican descent and faces the serious issue of homelessness among children following illegal immigration in the U.S. The movie addresses the challenge of finding stable homes for these children. Adding to the complexity, the conflict unfolds in late November and early December, emphasizing the urgency for Alex to secure a stable home before the Christmas break to avoid entering foster care.

You Are My Home unfolds in a location near the Mexico–United States border, a deliberate choice to resonate with the film’s overarching themes of illegal immigration and its impact on homeless children. Within this context, Chloe, a friend of Sloane, grapples with her unique challenges. Her primary conflict stems from being abandoned at a tender age, and the enduring pain of abandonment persists into her adulthood—an experience shared by many homeless children.

Alex’s objective is to locate and reunite with her birth mother. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Alex is a U.S. citizen, while her mother is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Alex brings her dog along for companionship, seeking solace in the loyal presence of her pet. The central theme surrounding Alex’s journey is the quest for family. Initially viewing Chloe as a stranger rather than her mother, Alex gradually comes to comprehend the significance of having a family, a realization that unfolds despite her young age.