It’s ‘A Loud House Christmas’!

A Loud House Christmas is a 2021 live-action holiday movie based on a cartoon of the same name. This movie serves as the prequel to the live-action series The Really Loud House.

This movie is a live-action version of everyone’s favorite Loud House characters. There is a strong representation of women, as many of the main characters are women. Clyde McBride is played by a Black actor and his appearance is the same as his cartoon appearance.

The Loud Family

The central conflict in “A Loud House Christmas” revolves around the challenge of uniting the family, as many of Lincoln’s sisters have already made holiday plans. Lincoln grapples with the task of bringing all his sisters together, hoping to ensure that their Christmas traditions proceed smoothly. Unaware that his efforts to keep all his sisters in the same house on Christmas Day are exacerbating the situation, Lincoln only realizes his mistake when it is too late. As the events unfold, Lincoln does his utmost to set things right and salvage the holiday celebration.

Lincoln learns in A Loud House Christmas that everyone celebrates in the way of their choosing. He also learns to keep old traditions, accept new traditions, and accept change in plans at the same time. Even though some of his sisters have their own plans for the holidays, what matters most is the family stays together at heart. The epilogue shows how everyone is able to get things back on track and end the holidays on a good note with presents and a snowball fight.



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